Happy 18th on your 81st, Dadaji!

When I sit to write about you, for you – it seems so easy because there is so much to you – and yet, so difficult, because all that is said is always so little. There are absolutely no words to describe this feeling of love, this feeling of immense gratitude that I am feeling right now.

This task seems so complex…

Because you make this list never-ending! For a multi-faceted personality like yours, I know it even before I have started writing about it!

Because of “swad” on every Sunday!

Because you are the epitome of wisdom.

Because your eyes see beyond what is, foresees beyond what will be, beholds what has been, besides being a window to the clear soul that there is.

Because why should I read any inspirational book to get motivated, when I can just listen to abstracts from your life!

Because you are a sea of knowledge.

Because of your unconventional, creative way of looking at and dealing with things.

Because from the funniest joke to most serious of the problems, from art to politics, I can share anything with you!

Because you know so much about everything all around the world.

Because you do not need to travel anywhere or meet people per say to connect to them! A strong connection can be formed just over an email or an article, and a new friendship is just a phone call away!

Because all said and done, you knew never to mess with one’s wife – dadiji! Hehe! But seriously, you both complemented each other beautifully!

Because you are the thread that binds us all together, and yet not a knot that we feel. The balance is always so right.

Because you taught me – अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् | That is one learning I keep very close to my heart. And it was easy to remember, watching you do it every breathing second of your life.

Because it is difficult to believe that you were a bundle of mischief “in your times”, yet it makes perfect sense – from troublemaker to troubleshooter!

Because you are our guardian angel!

Because of being the most tech-savvy 81 year old around!

Because you are personification of patience, of acceptance, of change, of flexibility, of moulding yourself to the present. You do it so beautifully dada. At your age when most people become so rigid about their beliefs, you break one of mine, each day, every day!

Because you are not old and fragile, but so young and agile!

Because you have kept the doors of the house, and your heart open to one and all. Your heart is so BIG, it has space for everybody- without one feeling like they are travelling in the Mumbai local! 😉

Because we are all so blessed to have you around us – all the time!

Because you are oh so practical!

Because in this age of internet connection and data connection, you have taught me the most important of them all – Human connection!

Because you have more zest about life than all of us put together!

Because at one moment you know-it-all, and the other you are a curious child who is awed by all that is humanly possible now!

Because if I could be even 0.1% of what you are, I will consider to have lived my life well!

Because you a living legend, my super-hero!

Because I am not sure if I want to stop writing yet!

Dadaji, I have realized why is there a ‘grand’ in grandfather – because grand also means marvelous, glorious, magnificent, splendid, awe-inspiring, elevated – you are all of this and much much more! J

I love you.

Your “laadli”,


9 thoughts on “Happy 18th on your 81st, Dadaji!

  1. Shilpa karande says:

    Dear Oju,
    Tu dadajun baddal je bharbharun lihila aahes tya verun tuze dadaji kitti chan aahet he kalalach aani amhala pan mahiti hotach . Aanik tya peksha jasti he pan kalala ki tu kashi chan aahes kitti loving . Connected with the family n dadaji Tula aaplya grand father baddal kitti grand watatay he Tuzya ekeka shabda tun osandatay. Tu kitti chan observer aahe ni follower pan he hi kalala . He sarva asun Vinamra aahes . ‘ Vidya tuzyatil Vinayani shobhtey . Vichar uchcha aahetach likhan pan sunder, pan arthapurna expressive shabda vaprun kela aahes . Dadajina ter tuza abhiman aselach amhala pan aahe . Tumha servanna Khup shubhechha . Manani aamhi 18 th la tumha servan barober aahot pan sharirachi Dubaila Anand kade n Grand Children barober ….karandez

  2. Sareeta says:

    Very well written Oju… I believe and second each and every word that you have said about Sri. Bhau…. Coz I have heard, seen and experienced it myself too!!!….

    Wishing Shri. Bhau eternal good health and many many happy returns of the day !!

    And wishing you all that you desire comes true dear Oju. Happy Birthday !!!

    Lots of love,


  3. Premsukh somani says:

    Oju very nicely written we are proud of you an architect can be a perfect writer do write for all you love your talented dad your all rounder mama your naughty but equally talented sisters we will feel more happy your extraordinary bade pappa always encouraging bad I mammy your friends we love to read it & enjoy

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