Miracles of the moment

7:00 am – The PatRiot – is the headline of a newspaper flashing on my phone. Every tweet, every discussion is about the JNU incident. Wow, I fail to understand who is sillier in this situation – the media, the students, or the government!

Oh, what a beautiful sunrise! Wow, the colours in the sky are right out of an artist’s palette! So serene, so calm, so perfect. Nothing, nothing at all could have made this moment more special or better!

8:00 am – At the gym. (Yes, I leave no opportunity of mentioning this – it’s a cool gym thing you know!) I need to get these kilos of! While, may be, I cannot do anything about the mental baggage, I think keeping my body light will at least take some weight of me- Literally of course, and emotionally as well! Oh come on now! Don’t stop! Keep going, keep going! Phew!

Wow, this stretch feels so good! My body is so much more flexible now, and I am able to do so much more than I ever could! Good job, me! My muscles feel relaxed, body feels fit and I feel wonderful! Now, that’s what I call a great session!

10.00 am – Office. Too much to do, too little time! Get this sorted, and that fixed! Oh, and how could I forget to make the call! Mondays! Arghhh! Well, I should have taken it seriously when I was told – Be careful what you wish for! Now, I am drowned in files and folders!

Whoa, do I love my work or do I love my work! Looks like a great day ahead. I am just so grateful that I am so busy in my life! That’s what I always wanted, didn’t I? Blessed.

3:00 pm – Still, at office. Oh God, why did I have so much rice for lunch! I am so sleepy now. Tonight, come what may, I am going to bed at 10 pm sharp. Whatever happens, I am not stretching my mind and body anymore! I want a pillow! NOW!!!

Oh, the food was so good today- Instagram perfect, you know! This world is just constantly conspiring for me to have an amazing day!

9.00 pm – On Facebook. Look at him at Ladakh! When did she get married – oh, what a lovely dress! These guys are having the most amazing time of their lives. And look at me – I can’t even breathe with my own consent, let alone go on holiday!

Just Imagine – millions and billions and trillions of atoms have undergone tremendous change, the weather, the world, the evolution, big bang – all of this just so that I could experience this moment this way! How can I ask to be anywhere else at this moment?!
Doesn’t this post sound more like the reality vs. our social media posts? While our lives on social media are so happy, so perfect – we are one thought away from making it a reality! Amidst all the terrorism, politics, corruption, discoveries, science, technology – we have our own universe, which is filled with such miracles in every moment!quote-every-moment-of-light-and-dark-is-a-miracle-walt-whitman-197558

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