A writer’s block

There are times when I know exactly what I want to write about, and then there are times when nothing appeals to me, there are just no new ideas, and an entire week goes by without me even deciding what I am going to write about. What works best in this situation is the last minute panic, and when you don’t know what you must write about, the best thing to do is to write about exactly that!

The only thing to note in this whole confusing paragraph is that I have blatantly called myself a writer. Oh yeah!

So, let’s explore how to unblock this block, and what things may help one do that:

  • Spend a morning at a coffee shop:

Well, that’s the solution to every problem we face. From not being able to concentrate on studying to not being able to get that girl. After all, as the famous café claims- A lot can happen over coffee. NOT. In reality, nothing happens over coffee. Four hours later, you still have no new ideas, and you are broke from paying a bomb for not-so-good coffee.

  • Carry a notebook:

Right from Kinder Garten to Undergrad College, this is by far the most popular advice given by teachers to students – beyond all courses and regions. Note down your idea as soon as it strikes. If you have never worn a pair of skinny jeans, you know what I am talking about. We barely manage to fit our thighs in there, let alone a small notebook and pen! Even if one does, it is highly optimistic of us to believe that they will get “ideas” in such uncomfortable situations! Phew.

Well, I can hear my sister screaming – TMI bro, TMI!

  • Break your routine:

One syndrome that our generation is facing right now is leave-your-job-to-travel-the-world kind of bucket lists. That’s one stop solution to this monotonous life, and one of the most romanticized answers for this daily humdrum. Well, if you know me, I need a break from all the breaks I keep taking all the time…umm, I hope you have not taken this very seriously, papa?

  •  Watch people:

Ride the bus. Take the train. Watch people in their natural habitat. Watch them run, watch them eat, watch them at a busy street, watch them at a mall, at a concert. Observing people, their actions, and their outlook is one of the most effective ways for self-growth. While you are making your way into the crowded trains smelling various degrees of sweat, don’t forget to get inspired and learn!

  • Do something creative.

Create. Create anything. Draw, paint, sing, dance, bake, play with clay dough, teach, inspire, do some community service, create knowledge for the poor, electrify shelters. Just about anything that interest you, and helps someone else.

“Are you telling me that one the ways to counter me not being able to create an article is to create something else? Are you even listening to yourself?” Sigh. Trust you to kill my glamourized sentiment.

Well, until next time, you will find me at the closest coffee-shop, doing a research on my next “break”.


9 thoughts on “A writer’s block

  1. Seema Kalro says:

    Well said! I couldn’t have agreed more. It happens all the time.. Sometimes you just can’t get in the flow of writing.. nothing works.. sometimes even one word or one image is enough to trigger a whole article:)

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