Monsoon (A)Musings

It always begins with the wait. The long, drab tedious summer months create the perfect setting for welcoming the change that rains get with it! With the signs being there and the time being right, the yearning almost proliferates, and lo! When the clouds bless us with wonderful monsoon showers, the entire creation dances with joy! In no time, there is a dash of sinfully yummy bhajiyas in the air, social media is flooded with chai pictures and lazy posts, and it’s almost like an undeclared holiday!

Everyone starts planning weekend getaways, hiking trips, and rain parties – and for some – even long baths (considering the water shortage heretofore). Meh. People wish to take time out for reading/writing, painting, meditating, playing the guitar, or basically anything they like but never find time to do (weird, right?). But in any case, the difference in the surrounding is uncanny, and all of it is an expression of respite, of joy and life becomes a celebration.

For one week.

2013-07-01-Dear-Korea-#091Just before one realizes that the road to the hike is a hike by itself – probably a more painful one. The streets, or rather gutters masquerading as them, are 80%potholes, 10% smaller potholes and 10% dug by the government probably before I was even born. Just about perfect for a great body massage every time you step out. It’s cute when children think potholes were nothing but dried lakes and start floating paper-boats on them.

To add to the aggravation, there is a new bunch of 13-year olds joining social media every-year, with their enthusiastic not-so-new posts. And alas, all of them are either my family, or friends, or friends of family, or family of friends, or friends of family friends- and likes- and make it to my list. One of the most popular (read: repeated) monsoon posts is-

“I love walking in the rain, coz no one knows I am crying.”

Aww. I almost cried – out of its out-datedness. A lot of people read this, get emotional, and use every dramatic bone in their body – and try and live it. 12-year olds do this for failing that test, 15-year olds do this for failing to get that girl (and 10 others), and 22-year olds do this for not finding enough pikachus’. Well, that’s life. But, I can talk for all girls. We never cry in the rain, and exactly for the same reason. If no one can see our tears, then what’s the point? *Dumbfound*

Another of the experiences I look forward to during monsoons is – no electricity! It instantly hits nostalgia. I mean isn’t it great to know and experience how our ancestors in the stone-age lived- you know, in the dark and all. But it’s great if it is for as much time as a simulator. A little more than that and the MSEB is taking it too far!

From romantic to frantic, from celebration to frustration, from a blessing to stress-ing, monsoon pushes every freaking button of us that there is to push, until a hidden Parsi aunty (yeah, there is one in all of us) from within us yells –


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