War On Women

We live in a country where female feticide exists- and in a much larger way than we can even imagine. We live in a country where one half of the population lives in fear. We live in a country where “boys will be boys” is a justified excuse for rape. And then they say feminism is bullshit.

Feminism: (n) A radical belief that women are people.

In a jiffy, feminism is exactly just that. But now this word has various connotations, various reactions, various perspectives, and largely a very mocked about implication. If you believe women are as human as human beings can get, you are a feminist! If you say you aren’t a feminist, then the only explanation to that is that you don’t believe women are people – which includes Kim Kardashian. And there is something majorly wrong with that – not Kardashian, but the belief!

But clearly, feminism has a clear PR problem. There is a whole lot of confusion in the way this movement has been executed, and understood – and that according to me is responsible for its downfall. There are two kinds of feminists:

  • Anti-man: You don’t have to be anti-man to be a pro-woman!
  • Anti-woman: You don’t have to be an anti-traditional-woman to be a pro-feminist (only modern haan.)


As women you are not supposed to do everything that men do – that just validates the fact that what they do is what people must do (men people) – and then the movement is against the people who are a part of that movement. Do you see how much confusion that creates – like, even in that sentence? So, stop! Stop doing everything that they do – just to prove a point. Do it if you like it. I mean why not, go ahead and make the whole world double meaning in your head. But because you want to, and not because they do and so I would too!

I think only women can make this entire world women-friendly, while they are also the most important section that is not letting this happen. I mean I know women who would say – “I am a feminist. I earn my own money. I am not a housewife”. You have got it all wrong, woman! Feminism is about respecting individual woman’s choices – that ranges from occupation to clothing. It’s not dictating it. That’s what the movement is against, remember?

It is we women as mothers and/or grandmothers who have enforced time restrictions on our daughters and not on our sons. It is we women as mothers-in-law who do not wish to seek happiness in the choices that our daughters-in-law makes, just because we didn’t have the liberty in our time (college raging mentality). It is we women as a friend, a confidante, an acquaintance or a stranger judging other women’s choice of fashion, choice of lifestyle, and choice of occupation.

People do not realize you can be a feminist and pro-life. You can be a feminist and a stay-at-home mom. You can be a feminist and choose to adorn a burkini. You can be a feminist and be calm and peace-loving.

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