d6cb812a2bd19a2f4a9107df033404e9.jpgIt is that point in the year when “Just chill” is not a metaphor for relaxing your mind or a shady Salman Khan Song, but you are literally chilling. Ok, maybe this is a very bad one, but what the heck, I am freezing out here! After all, it’s that time of the year when the weather is colder than the Time’s person of the year. Erm..

Well, for people who call themselves true blue ‘Bambaiya’, let me define winter for you. Winter is this season when it feels like smog, but doesn’t kill like one. It’s that climate when you guys ask – Is 6 layers enough or should I change my body settings to “activate coal stove”?

Winter is like my most favourite time of the year! I mean what’s not to like about it! To begin with – It’s not hot. I rest my case.

Anything and everything that comes with it otherwise, is all bonus. Like the morning sunrise! Sunrise is anyway beautiful, but winter sunrise – Oh my! First things first – it happens decently late. So you don’t have to wake up five minutes after you have slept to see it. And when you are shivering in the morning cold, in midst of fog-striken environment, there it come up as rays of warmth – it the most beautiful feeling. That brings me to the second-most wonderful thing about his weather – Sleep! Long, long, long nights. What else does one want?

Actually, I am not going to treat that as a rhetoric question. One, or at least I also want food! And winter is practically equal to yummy, lip-smacking food! From hot chocolates, to barbeques, to peas and carrots, pies and cheese, gajak and ghevar, this is the best season to eat. The list can go on, though for someone who knows me will know I do not need a temperature update to make a list of food I love, but so what – winter it is this time! Ironically, weight-loss tips and tricks call this weather great for losing weight as well. Though, my one tip to you would be to not get tricked! I mean what’s the point of avoiding that hot jalebi on a beautiful cold morning – are you nuts?

It’s also so festive! I mean so what if all our share of festivals are done for the year – after all, Vasudev Kutumbakam. Christmas it is. Who wouldn’t want to be secular, if that only means it is yet another occasion to receive gifts, and eat Plum cake. Hell ya, I am secular. And a kid. And accept presents – you know, in case someone is in mood for spreading some love.

Well, as a girl who also has a commitment to write a few hundred words more, I also love winter for the clothes! Oh my God, don’t you girls think winter-wear is gorgeous!  Sorry, dear feminazi, aimed the question specifically at girls because we all know guys would prefer summer in that respect. D’uh!

PS – When you snuggle with hot chocolate, dunk some marshmallows into them. Thank me later. #ProTip

3 thoughts on “Winterlust

  1. harishhariom says:

    Winter blues ? yes. Winterlust – made me to look up what I have; Oxford and Chambers – no luck !
    Means you have coined the word and could be taken up, if used few times, for their next edition – just a thought ! My weather chart in handset shows Nashik having lowest temp. in Maharashtra, even lower than Delhi it says. Not sure if you are in Nashik or Mumbai. Anyway, love/lust for food applies everywhere. If you like, my recent blog ( FB 8/12 titled FOODIE FANDAS ) may be of some interest – my perennial love for yummy food even at this age. Sailing in the same boat !

    • OJ says:

      Dadaji..there is a new term called wanderlust. It has made it to the dictionary. It means a person who loves to travel.
      That’s the connection I have used for the title.

      And good, we totally share this passion. I will definitely check the blog out! 🙂

      • harishhariom says:

        Oh yes ! Wandelust has been around for quite some time. My purpose was to compliment you for adding new word to English lexicon. Being lover of good language, it is natural that I get interested wherever I see new glossary.
        As a matter of side interest, may I mention that “wanderlust” has been used in few of my blogs ( ) relating to my travels ( about 30 countries in last six decades since 1966 ) all over the world.
        Nowadays, my hobby of freelance writing – 200+ articles and blogs – is low profile mainly due lack of enthusiasm with advancing age !

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