Higher Secondary Certificate Exam for the Best Mugger

Well, 15 days into the New Year, and it already isn’t happy for a few of us! I know you lost your hair pin, which was the perfect shade of the dress you are going to wear for SulaFest! Life can be cruel sometimes- hang in there!

But there are some unlucky 10th and 12th grade students, who are going to appear for their board exams next month- Oh you poor souls! For me, the only good thing about these SSC board exams was that it happened a decade ago! Yes, I am old, but what the hell, at least I am not struggling for my face to be exhibited on the side of the BEST bus! Hello paan stains!

All you can’t-wait-to-go-college-kids are thinking about is- how much do I get to answer the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind (including Jaadu) – “Are you planning to take up medicine or engineering, or should we hire you as our sweeper?” But let me tell you something. 80% of the questionnaire is going to be from that one chapter you skipped. And no, you will never use trigonometry in your life! True Story! *facepalm*34a9bfc80ff200387fbfc1637a2699f3

Apart from hard(ly) work, heavy bag workout, and chit-cheating, (oops, chit-chatting) another thing which is prevalent in a student education today is – tension! It is as important as the date of Battle of Plassey- which, by the way, is June 23, 1757. But I have google, and you don’t! One up!

There are only 2 kinds of students who are tension free at this moment–

  1. The one’s who have surrendered themselves to the examiner – since they know no amount of work they do now is really going to reap any benefits!
  2. When your self-esteem is so low, that there is no self, and only esteem is left – and you are wondering where do I drive to now?

While some others are not really tensed about the exam, but if the Rs. 10/- Puja thali is going to work its magic is their primary concern!

One small theory about tension – Tension is always about achieving and not about understanding. (This one is not by Baba Ranchoddas). And this, my friends, is the primary problem with our education system. For example – Students generally fetch full marks for writing, “Excess alcohol causes memory loss and liver cirrhosis”, but celebrate writing this answer with a wasted night. Memory loss I guess. On second thoughts, probably they are doing it right – experience by practical implementation is more important after all.

Right now, your mind is thinking of all kinds of possibilities that this upcoming exam holds-

“What if I don’t score well?”

“What if I score so well that my parents think I am brilliant and I am forced to take up medicine?”

But all said and done, stop reading this article now, and start getting concerned again for the upcoming exams, so that you clear it just to give the next one, and then next, until you realise that it’s a trap and your parents lied when they said – “Bass, this one exam, and then life is great!” Booyeah!