powerpoint-tips-checklist-graphic-2a-255x300Harish was absolutely content, staring the piece of paper neatly pinned on the pin-board at his table. At 34, the promotion bought with it a revised list of desires. Life had not only turned out well for him but also looked great ahead!

A bright kid, Harish was an apple of his mother’s eye, he was his father’s pride, his little sister’s superman and a one-stop solution to all his friend’s problems! He was this perfect kid any parent wanted- exactly the kind of boy that other kids detested.

His scores guaranteed him a place in the best institution in India, and then like any other brilliant Maharashtrian boy, he packed his bags and went abroad for higher education. Obviously, was immediately placed in a job, which paid enough for his need, and more than enough for his greed as well.

The piece of paper on that board was testimony of his success with efficient planning. Promotion. Check. Put Bittu in International School. Check. Buy Anahita a Satya Paul. Check. Book a holiday in Switzerland. Check. Spend an hour with Aai on every Sunday. Check. Meet… Check. Check. Check.


Parth, or Patz as his friends called him, was scared! Nervous! Excited! Thrilled! Panicked! His life just flashed in front of his eyes. With a lump in his throat and a pit in his stomach he was staring at the beautiful river 43m below him. The next 10 seconds were going to be the longest 10 seconds of his life.  Bungee Jumping is not all that easy, you know!

New Zealand is pretty. Shit. Concentrate. You won’t die. C’mon! Oh good lord! Why?! “Ready?” NO!!! Okay! I HAVE to do this. One deep breathe in and slowly, “5.” out. In. Out. “4.” Why did I go to the bar that night? Bloody bet! “3.” SHIT. God, why are you doing this to me?! “2.” Okay! Thank you Mom-Dad for everything. Love “And Bungee!!” YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! *Silence*

Opens eyes. Wow. Swinging. Alive. Wohooooo. Woah, it is pretty!!!! I am alive!!! You’ve got to do this once in your life man! Best. Feeling. Ever.

That night. Update cover picture. Tweet. Upload video. Facebook Status – “Bucket List item no. 73: Bungee jumping in New Zealand. Check.”


 “Dad, are you free on Friday?”

“I have a conference over this weekend.” he replied, disinterested.

“How about Monday?”

“You know how Mondays are, don’t you?”

“Let’s go have dinner together sometime next week?”

“I’d rather eat at home when in town.”

“Okay, let me cook dinner for you then!”

“What is the fuss for? What is it that you want?” said Dad, impatiently.

“Your time.”


We all have checklists, things-to-do, wish list, bucket lists, memo – whatever that we like call them. For some it is planning, some others it is ambition, and a lucky few who make a list of the things that can be put off for later! It motivates some, it is a reminder for some. But from where I see it, they are bars of the cage we have put ourselves in. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with making check-lists, all I am saying is that it is great to sometimes let the whimsical spontaneous kid in us loose, and break-free. May be something that we can’t even fathom happens.

PS- In the meanwhile, write a column for a newspaper. Check.